The Sunday Summary

Wow, so we're now two weeks in and I'm still really loving the challenge! I'm struggling to walk past an Accessorize and not buy anything, especially as they're really cranking out the sale posters everywhere! As I mentioned at the beginning I will be wearing three things the same every day of the challenge - my engagement ring, my wedding ring and my watch - and I thought it might be nice to show you two of those things now - as you've seen my hands aren't great on camera but our wedding photographer did a good job in showcasing them!

Both my engagement and wedding rings are from Harriet Kelsall, Dan designed the engagement ring with one of their team and then we both worked on the wedding band. The staff have been wonderful to work with and the store in Cambridge is definitely worth a visit. 

As I love vintage jewellery Dan chose a stunning vintage rose cut champagne diamond for the engagement ring which has been set on a cushion on top of the band so that the wedding band can sit perfectly underneath.The wedding band is the same metal and has four diamonds set at equal points around the ring, to reflect the compass style setting on the engagement ring. The metal is white gold that hasn't been plated so it has a colour somewhere between gold and silver and is really unique. I love that no-one else will have rings like it - they are totally unique. You can read about the whole design process here, from Dan's perspective (eek!)

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