Challenge completed!!

So there you have it...I have worn 365 different pieces of jewellery in 2012. And actually as its a leap year I've done 366 (but it doesn't have as much of a ring to it now does it!)

I've learnt at least ten things over the course of this year and through the challenge:

1) I have too much jewellery.
2) I forget how much jewellery I have.
3) It does mean however that I am always ready for every accessory occasion.
4) I must stop buying jewellery.
5) I must sell some of the jewellery I have made.
6) Jewellery I haven't worn must be donated to a charity shop. 
7) It is very hard to blog every single day.
8) I am able to carry a baby - half way through this year we learnt we were going to have a child next year - that is pretty amazing and way more amazing than jewellery!
9) I have a rich history that can be told through jewellery and I need to pass that on to our child.
10) Babies and jewellery don't mix so my jewellery will be packed away now for the foreseeable future!

I am allowing one piece of jewellery to be bought next year and it will be one of these!

Everything else now is being packed away, apart from the real silver and gold pieces which will be stored properly. I am sure in due course I will get them all out again and remember this challenge and how much fun I have had...but if this challenge has taught me anything it's that I do have too much stuff and buying stuff does not bring you happiness. Being happy with what you've got is what brings happiness.

So, for everyone off out tonight, make sure you are rocking your finery and wearing fabulous accessories...but remember in 2013, its not what you want that makes you happy...its what you've already got.

Here's to an amazing 2013,

Sharon (and bump) xxx

The missing 10 days...

Earlier this year I was poorly and missed 10 days so these are to make up for those...

Top to bottom, chunky silver bead necklace (possibly from Wallis), silver bead necklace worn as bracelet (hand made), silver and pearl necklace (hand made), purple and silver bead bracelet (present), yellow and silver bead necklace (hand made), long silver and pearl necklace (charity shop), silvery gold bead necklace (hand made), blue and silver wooden bead bracelet (hand made), silver bead necklace worn as bracelet (hand made) and long wooden bead necklace (hand made).


Day 359 - 366: so close but yet...!

Oh my, day 366 (I should have figured that 2012 was a leap year really and called this the Jewellery 366 challenge)...

There is no Shop of the Week as if this blog has taught me anything it's that we don't need shops! I have almost made it through, there will be two more posts after to cover off the missing 10 days from earlier this year and then one to sum up the whole challenge.

But in the meantime, lets see what festive delights I've worn this week! Top to bottom; blue bead necklace (hand made), flower bracelet (Jon Richard), crystal necklace (Marks and Spencer), gold and purple bangles (Jon Richard), stone and bead necklace (present),multi stone bracelet (Evans), bead and string bracelet (Marks and Spencer) and black and silver bib necklace (Marks and Spencer).


Day 352 - 358 and Shop of the Week

Only two days to go until Christmas!! I've been mixing it up a bit this week a I know I am more fond of necklaces than any other piece of jewellery, although one (well, strictly speaking, its two) has managed to sneak in!

My Shop of the Week this week is Primark. Granted it's hell on earth to fight your way in to one of these at the best of times, not least in the run up to Christmas, but you really can't beat it for on-trend, cheap accessories. When you're off to a million and one parties this month (not that I am, I'm knackered and look like I have a rugby ball up my top!) then its good to be able to mix and match without breaking the bank. They are also fab for Secret Santa presents too.

This week it's been (top to bottom); blue wooden bead earrings (hand made), silver chunky bracelet (Jon Richard), gold bangles (part of a set from Jon Richard), green glass earrings (hand made), wooden blue bead bracelet (hand made), silver and gold necklace (charity shop) and brown bead necklace worn as bracelet (Next).

Day 345 - 351 and Shop of the Week

Not far to go now! My Shop of the Week this week is Amazon - partly because I've been looking up novelty Christmas hats and jumpers (amazing) but also because they do a great range of jewellery on there and its not often somewhere many of us think of to look for that kind of thing. Plus they are very good at getting things sent out in time for Christmas. They have some great brands too like Kit Heath.

This week, top to bottom; pearl and flower necklace (hand made), long teardrop necklace (Jon Richard at Debenhams), chunky green bracelet (present), gold hoop earrings (Jon Richard at Debenhams), tigers eye and flower charm necklace (hand made) and blue bead earrings (hand made).

Day 338 - 344 and Shop of the Week

Now we're into December I can't believe we're nearly there. I am a bit shocked I've got this far and having done a count I know I also have enough to see me through the rest of the year, and the 10 days I missed at the start when I was ill. It's pretty scary!

My Shop of the week this week is actually Mothercare! I found the lovely Little Bird charm bracelet from the Jools Oliver range but they also do a really fab range of personalised jewellery too. It's not online but if you have a big store near you then they should have it in there. We'll definitely be investing next year!

This week its been, top to bottom, Little Bird charm bracelet (from Mothercare), Pansy necklace (from Florrie Willow on Asos), Pansy earrings (Florrie Willow on Asos), Triangle earrings (Jon Richard at Debenhams), Charm necklace (Accessorize), green crystal necklace (Accessorize) and green crystal earrings (Accessorize)

Day 331 - 337 and Shop of the Week

Still working through the necklace stash...I'll be moving on to bracelets soon!
As I get bigger and more obviously pregnant (plus its almost been six years since I met my husband) my thoughts are turning to personalised jewellery that really symbolises something special like an anniversary or the birth of a this week my Shop of the Week is Chambers and Beau - I can't find one thing I don't want on their website!! I want it all!
This week (I've been wearing (top to bottom); Owl necklace (Topshop), multi stone necklace (can't remember where this is from!), multi-strand bead necklace (from antique shop), black and grey bead necklace (hand made), shades of brown pearls multi-strand necklace (hand made), purple bead and hematite bead necklace (hand made) and butterfly crystal necklace (present).