Day 11 - Bentalls silver bangle

I am not sure who designed this, I know it was from a jewellery conscession in the store Bentalls in Kingston but other than that I am at a loss! I call it my mushroom moon bangle as I think the discs look a lot like little moons or planets and the underside of each one has little lines, just like the underside of a mushroom. Simple things eh? More importantly this bangle is one of the pieces that I own that really links to a memory - a bit like how everyone in 1996 smelt of CK One so now anytime I get a whiff of that lemony scent I am transported back to the latter days of Grunge (the first time round!) and a bit too much denim, if I remember rightly! The memories that are linked to this bangle, oddly enough, are that I had a massive argument with my dad about the wedding (we got married last August and I think I must have bought this bangle in May). It was a proper full on 'the wedding's off' kind of argument (we had a few of those, as I think most engaged couples do!) so now when I wear it I do feel a bit anxious - but then I remember that its all fine and everything went well in the end. I guess it reminds me that if I am having a tough time that it will get better, eventually!

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