Day 6 - Lola Rose butterfly earrings

I got these pretty Lola Rose earrings at the amazing London Fashion Weekend last year. This event takes place around the same time as Fashion Week in February and September at Somerset House. A load of really amazing suppliers come along and sell their accessories at really heavily discounted prices - I think these were £5! I definitely recommend going along as I got loads when I went last time and its really good for presents (even if most of them end up being for yourself!)

In other news I made the most amazing cupcakes last night - so good that I have to tell you about them! They were from the Primrose Bakery book - they taste just like Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey in cupcake form! I made the banana and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing - sprinkled with walnuts. I like experimenting with baking but this is a recipe I will not be changing and will definitely be making again! Omnomnom!

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