Day 12 - Nepalese silver and amethyst earrings

Yesterday I mentioned how certain things can trigger memories and the same is true for these earrings and unfortunately its a sad memory. They were a present from two people who sadly passed away in an accident about a year after they were given to me. I used to work for a conservation charity and we were due to go out to Nepal but the trip was called off at the last minute. One of my colleagues from the UK office was already out there and she called me to tell me about the cancellation. We knew there was a chance it would happen so it wasn't too much of an issue but she explained that the staff in the Nepalese office felt really bad and wanted to give me a gift by way of an apology. Obviously I said that it was completely fine and that wasn't necessary but she told me that it was part of their culture. She had already told me about the stunning jewellery out there so I just said to get me some sort of accessory; She came back to the UK a week or two later with these beautiful earrings. Unfortunately the following year when she was out in Nepal again there was a tragic helicopter accident and my colleague, along with many others, including the head of the Nepal office who had wanted to give me the earrings, all passed away. I didn't wear the earrings for some time as I felt so sorry each time I looked at them but then after a little while they started making me think about how lucky I was to be here and that life really is so incredibly precious and short too. We all have days when we would prefer to just stay in bed but these earrings remind me to live live to the fullest as much as I can as you never know what's going to happen.

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