Day 14 - Metal bracelet

This is actually one of those 'copper' bracelets that is supposed to help with arthritis - I think I got it from a health food shop and I don't wear it very often as its a bit too plain. I don't know if it really does any good but it feels like it might be so maybe I should wear it more often. I have arthritis which mostly affects my right hand and wrist - I'm lucky in that it hasn't spread that far yet but I do have to take some pretty hard-core medicine to keep it that way - it knocks out my immune system so I am prone to every bug going! A lot of people just think of arthritis as an old person's disease but lots of people get diagnosed in their mid-late twenties like I did, and take it from me - it really does hurt and yes you can feel the weather changing in your joints, although I try not to say that last thing out loud too often for fear of sounding like I'm 80! Oh and I'd like to point out that the shadow is from my iPhone - I don't have an oddly rectangular bruise on my hand although it really does look like it in this photo!

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