Day 18 - Past Times butterfly ring

I wore this Past Times ring on the same day that I wore my favourite Pearl Lowe for Peacocks dress as it was announced that both stores were going into administration. This makes me really sad as I think both of these shops have really good things to add to the British high street and at the same time when bankers are reaping £billion bonuses there are young people losing their jobs left right and centre in our retail sector. I don't work in retail but for a fair few years of my life I did and it just makes me angry. This ring was actually my stand in engagement ring for when we had to send it off so that the designers at Harriet Kelsall could ensure the wedding band fitted perfectly. I guess I'll always treasure it because of that but it makes me sad that I won't be able to treasure half of the shops I grew up with as a child by the time I have kids.

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