Day 4 - Handmade turquoise and silver pendant

I told you I would show you a necklace at some point and I made this little one myself! I really love the turquoise stone and like combining it with silver. I think its probably my favourite stone and I have quite a few pieces combining the two. I bought this stone from a bead shop in London in the really rather fabulous Kingly Court called Buffy's Beads and I can't remember where the silver bead is from but its one of my favourite styles - I like that it looks a bit like a sea urchin or a pumpkin. The silver chain I ordered from eBay in bulk - great for jewellery supplies. At some point I'll do a little tutorial on making your own jewellery as its really easy once you have the tools and know where to look for beads. Its great having a skill that can make people really happy (receiving a piece of hand made jewellery as a present never fails to make me smile), and its also really handy in terms of always being perfectly accessorised! 

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