Day 158 - beaded bracelets

I genuinely have no idea where these are from, although I'm going to speculate Boots or BHS. I think the subdued grey/greens really sum up how we are all feeling at the moment wth all this rain - It's June, surely time for more of that sun we had last month! Are you all thinking that it would have been a really good idea to have booked the rest of this week off?

On another, and much sadder note; I heard today that a close friend's brother has passed away after going missing. News like that really brings it all home to you, especially after such a jubilant weekend, that life is so short. It was touching how many people helped on twitter to spread the word so thank you to everyone who retweeted messages.

If you know anyone who might be feeling more than just 'a little bit blue' at this time then remember that it is good to talk. Some people who aren't doing too well might not want to actually talk but it does the world of good knowing that someone is there. If you yourself are struggling right now then please visit the Samaritans or Mind for more information.

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