Day 7 - party earrings!

I used to love a good night out back in the day; spending hours getting ready, drinking wine whilst listening to music and chatting to your girlfriends whilst doing your hair and make up. At some point around age 25 it all seemed to change for me, I don't know if that's the universal point, but suddenly the regular nights out became more sporadic and eventually extended only to weddings and substantial birthdays. In some ways its nice - at some stage we all get to the 'I want to sit down, be able to hear myself think, pay a normal price for a drink and not listen to drum and bass' stage...but in other ways you do start to hanker for a big old night out. I was ill over Christmas and New Year so didn't really get a chance to parteeee but it was my friends 30th this weekend so we went out for a party at a local bar. It was a nice chance to crack out some big old earrings, call it a tribute to Pat Butcher, but I really like these earrings. I don't really get the chance to wear them often so it was nice to throw on a nice frock and a pair of big old danglies. I am pretty sure these are from Accessorize and they make me want to swish my hair!

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