Challenge completed!!

So there you have it...I have worn 365 different pieces of jewellery in 2012. And actually as its a leap year I've done 366 (but it doesn't have as much of a ring to it now does it!)

I've learnt at least ten things over the course of this year and through the challenge:

1) I have too much jewellery.
2) I forget how much jewellery I have.
3) It does mean however that I am always ready for every accessory occasion.
4) I must stop buying jewellery.
5) I must sell some of the jewellery I have made.
6) Jewellery I haven't worn must be donated to a charity shop. 
7) It is very hard to blog every single day.
8) I am able to carry a baby - half way through this year we learnt we were going to have a child next year - that is pretty amazing and way more amazing than jewellery!
9) I have a rich history that can be told through jewellery and I need to pass that on to our child.
10) Babies and jewellery don't mix so my jewellery will be packed away now for the foreseeable future!

I am allowing one piece of jewellery to be bought next year and it will be one of these!

Everything else now is being packed away, apart from the real silver and gold pieces which will be stored properly. I am sure in due course I will get them all out again and remember this challenge and how much fun I have had...but if this challenge has taught me anything it's that I do have too much stuff and buying stuff does not bring you happiness. Being happy with what you've got is what brings happiness.

So, for everyone off out tonight, make sure you are rocking your finery and wearing fabulous accessories...but remember in 2013, its not what you want that makes you happy...its what you've already got.

Here's to an amazing 2013,

Sharon (and bump) xxx

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