Day 2 - pretty purple bracelet

I only recently rediscovered this bracelet - I'm not too sure where it even came from although I think I picked it up at a market in Bruges. Which, after the last post, makes me sound like some sort of International Woman of Mystery always off travelling. Which really couldn't be further from the truth. But it does go to show that you can pick up simple little pieces on your travels that can really make an outfit. I often wear this with a lovely pair of earrings that were a gift from a friend who has since passed away - I am certain I'll be wearing them soon -  but this little bracelet is so comfortable and pretty, it always cheers me up and somehow just completes my ensemble.


  1. That's really pretty! This jewellery adventure is going to be fun to follow.

  2. Thanks Lorraine - I can't believe that I forgot I had it, its a really fab bracelet. Personally, I can't imagine how an adventure involving jewellery could be anything but fun! x