Day 10 - Pilgrim necklace

I spotted this necklace in the Oxfam shop near where I used to work and snapped it up for a few quid - which was quite a bargain even if I do say so myself!

I can't normally afford a lot of Pilgrim jewellery and I don't always like their stuff but I do really like this necklace - the multi-strand style is really flattering and the pale blue shade is stunning, not that you can really tell from my photo!!

I think charity shops are a great way to get hold of jewellery - I'll often but long bead necklaces for £2 to use the beads in another project, and its also an inexpensive way to invest in trends without having to take out a second mortgage. If you find a store in a relatively up-market area you might even spot a few designer pieces that you should definitely buy when you see them...I still rue the day I didn't buy those Linda Farrow sunglasses for a fiver!

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