Day 359 - 366: so close but yet...!

Oh my, day 366 (I should have figured that 2012 was a leap year really and called this the Jewellery 366 challenge)...

There is no Shop of the Week as if this blog has taught me anything it's that we don't need shops! I have almost made it through, there will be two more posts after to cover off the missing 10 days from earlier this year and then one to sum up the whole challenge.

But in the meantime, lets see what festive delights I've worn this week! Top to bottom; blue bead necklace (hand made), flower bracelet (Jon Richard), crystal necklace (Marks and Spencer), gold and purple bangles (Jon Richard), stone and bead necklace (present),multi stone bracelet (Evans), bead and string bracelet (Marks and Spencer) and black and silver bib necklace (Marks and Spencer).


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