Day 352 - 358 and Shop of the Week

Only two days to go until Christmas!! I've been mixing it up a bit this week a I know I am more fond of necklaces than any other piece of jewellery, although one (well, strictly speaking, its two) has managed to sneak in!

My Shop of the Week this week is Primark. Granted it's hell on earth to fight your way in to one of these at the best of times, not least in the run up to Christmas, but you really can't beat it for on-trend, cheap accessories. When you're off to a million and one parties this month (not that I am, I'm knackered and look like I have a rugby ball up my top!) then its good to be able to mix and match without breaking the bank. They are also fab for Secret Santa presents too.

This week it's been (top to bottom); blue wooden bead earrings (hand made), silver chunky bracelet (Jon Richard), gold bangles (part of a set from Jon Richard), green glass earrings (hand made), wooden blue bead bracelet (hand made), silver and gold necklace (charity shop) and brown bead necklace worn as bracelet (Next).

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