The Sunday Summary

Sorry, it's been a few weeks since I last did a proper Sunday Summary - with my back completely broken I've been in a bit of a fug; struggling to work during the week then just exhausted at the weekends. I'm on some strong painkillers and starting to feel better now but its taken a while and it will take some time more. While I've been off I got to thinking that I haven't made much jewellery recently so I am going to start making some more again soon - and I was going to do a but of a tutorial on here too so look out for that in the next month or so. 

I've also decided that the Sunday Summary is going to be where I highlight my favourite Shop of the Week...which this week goes to Oliver Bonas. I used to go past Oliver Bonas all time time on my old commute but since moving jobs almost a year ago I don't really go past it any more. Which is probably good for my bank balance but not so much for my happiness. I popped into one this week and was really impressed by the jewellery they have in at the moment. I am always really impressed with their sale prices but even some of the full-priced pieces were still really affordable. My favourite piece? These brilliant birdie earrings

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