Day 34 - apology!

Last week I had to leave work early as I had mysteriously done something to my back and it was killing me. The next day I woke up feeling so much worse so after a few hours at A&E I was sent home with a selection of hardcore painkillers and muscle relaxers and told to rest up. On Monday I wasn't feeling any better so went to my GP who gave me some more drugs to help and ordered me to rest. 

So to be honest lovely readers, jewellery has been the least of my worries! I've been stuck with a hot water bottle practically strapped to my back for almost a week and dosed up to the eyeballs on codeine, tramadol and diazepam (which incidentally, my spell check wanted to change to diamant√©!) How ironic. I'm still not doing too well and the osteopath thinks it might be a slipped disc so I've been really feeling it. I wish I was able to wear some sparklies the whole time as that may have cheered me up but I was in such a bad way I couldn't even manage that. Hopefully normal service will be restored shortly, thanks for bearing with me x

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