Day 49 - Antique diamond ring

I still wasn't doing too well with my bad back so this weekend I wore a lot of rings rather than bracelets or necklaces which feel a bit more 'outfit' than rings do. 

This one is an old ring that used to belong to my great aunt. She was an incredibly glamorous woman who worked in the theatre and was one of those elderly relatives I was always fascinated with as a child. Sadly she died about ten years ago but she's often in my mind as I have some of her pieces of jewellery and I like to think that when I get old, I'll probably be a lot like her. 

This ring has a platinum front on a gold band and the plate on the front has 5 diamonds with a cut out pattern around them. In this picture it looks like an X but its more subtle in real life. Its really simple but oh so pretty and its nice to be able to wear something that you know has lived a little - I often wonder what stories it has to tell...

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