Day 60 - Silverleafed leaf necklace from The Silvery

I had never heard of The Silvery until a friend bought me this necklace for my 30th birthday and I love it. It's a real leaf that's been silver leafed and I've since become a huge fan of The Silvery. I have bought a few presents from them and they've been nothing short of wonderful in terms of their customer service.

I can't recommend them highly enough as they really are fantastic and I am in love with their shell pieces - am hoping to drop enough hints to the husband for my forthcoming birthday...! Whenever I wear this necklace I always get compliments and love telling people its a real leaf!

I even got two 1p coins silverleafed by The Silvery for our anniversary a few years ago and we ended up using both the coins in our wedding. Why two 1p coins? Well when we were buying our flat in the height of the credit crunch (seriously it was when Lehmann Brothers and Northern Rock went under - getting a mortgage was unbearably stressful!) we would hide any 1p coins that we found in the flat in a secret place hoping they'd bring us good luck.

It worked and we ended up getting the flat and we kept a little pot of lucky pennies as a stand by which we still have today.
I managed to retreive the first two from the bottom of the pot and The Silvery kindly silverleafed them for me. I wear mine as a necklace (on the wedding day it was pinned to my bouquet, above) and the husband wore his attached to his pocket watch (my wedding gift to him, left).

Wedding images courtesty of the marvellous Mark Colombus.

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