Day 50 - Heirloom engagement ring

I think this was my great aunt's engagement ring but I may have come to that conclusion of my own accord rather than it being a pure statement of fact. Like the ring I wore yesterday, its gold, platinum and diamond and its a really stunning ring. I've had it for some time now and often wear it as, much like the ring from yesterday, I am sure this piece of jewellery has seen a fair few parties, big life events, maybe some trauma but a whole lot of life. 

I can't afford 'classic' time pieces of jewellery much like I can't afford expensive 'classic' clothes - I know the cost per wear ratio will be better in the long term but I do tend to focus on costume jewellery because a) I don't earn a fortune and b) I like the way it can jazz up an outfit and to do that its often trend-led. So the few expensive, classic pieces of jewellery I do have I treasure as I know that they may not be 'in this season' but they are 'in for life' and can tell much better stories!

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