Day 296 - 302 and Shop of the Week

We've broken the 300 mark!! I'm really excited about this as it means the end is in sight but it is freaking me out slightly that I have more than 300 pieces of jewellery! There are no rings this week you'll be glad to hear. This week I've been rooting through some old necklaces so there are quite a few really old pieces but it was nice to stumble upon them.

My Shop of the Week this week goes to Debenhams, and specifically Jon Richard. Their lovely PR team found my blog and really liked it so they sent me some bits and bobs that I'm going to be wearing between now and the end of the year. As you know I do love a bit of costume jewellery and I think if you want something on trend and a bit blingy then you can't really go wrong for the party season. Go check them out!

From top to bottom - black wooden bead necklace (think this was free with a magazine?), Simple three drop crystal necklace (maybe from a charity shop), gold square string necklace (definitely from a charity shop!), long silver shell necklace (made by me using materials from Smitten Beads), pearl bracelet made out of a long pearl necklace (not sure where this is from, silver and blue earrings (from Sam Ubhi, a present from the hubby), and long wooden multi-bead necklace (this might be from Wallis but its around 10 years old!)

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