Day 289 - 295 Summary and Shop of the Week

This week sees the end of my ring marathon, at last! If this challenge has taught me anything it's that I really do have way too much jewellery for my own good.

My Shop of the Week this week is good old H Samuels. A lot of my rings are simple cheap solitaires and I think if you're a young woman and want to get a bit of bling without spending a lot of money then the high street jewllers like H Samuel are a good place to start. they're got some great rings under £40.

So, top to bottom and left to right we have: simple opal ring, twisted solitaire (from H Samuel), square aquamarine solitaire, square amethyst solitaire, square garnet solitaire (all bought from same shop in Bournemouth), all three worn as the one stacked ring, and (a non-ring item) wooden black and gold necklace from a charity shop.

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