Day 303 - 309 and Shop of the Week

There's a bit of a Hallowe'en theme to my jewellery this week - why not! On Wednesday itself I wore my fab Boo! earrings which I think I got from Etsy. I tried to continue the theme as much as I could this week, let me know what you think!!

My Shop of the week this week goes to Florrie Willow. We've been chatting on Twitter for some time and whilst I don't have any of her pieces (yet!) I really like the way she works and the flowers in her designs.

I'll definitely be ear marking some Christmas money for a shopping spree come January 1st 2013!! I love the necklace (pictured on the left) - its so pretty!

So, this week, top to bottom: Skull and crossbones necklace (Mikey in Topshop), Ceramic heart necklace (made by me using materials from Smitten Beads), Boo and ghost earrings (bought from seller on Etsy), Shell choker that looks a bit like an eye (charity shop), read heart-shaped bead necklace (charity shop), Gothic rose shell necklace (made by me) and yellow disc necklace that looks a tiny bit like pumpkins, maybe! (another charity shop find!)


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