The Sunday Summary

This week my Shop of the Week goes to the amazing Sam Ubhi. Sam's website is under construction but you can buy her jewellery online in places like Asos, as well as at her studio and shop in South West London. You'll have seen from the earrings I wore yesterday how stunning her jewellery is and she kindly spent a few minutes with me answering some important jewellery based questions this week!

How did you get into jewellery and jewellery design?
It was quite by chance actually. I graduated in woven textiles, and my work involved a lot of beading embedded in paper. I would make myself some jewellery , the days of big Pat Butcher earrings. On a trip to New York, I was approached by a woman who loved my earrings and wanted to know where I had bought them. She turned out to be the buyer at Barneys!! So this chance encounter resulted in my first jewellery commission!!

Who are your favourite designers?
There are too many to mention but I adore Dries Van Norten , Simeon Farrar for contemporary design, Natalie Hambro, McQueen, ......

What are your key trends for 2012?
Keep it long, strong, layered and full of charms. Layer bangles together to give a big impact, and personalize with vintage pieces.

Do you have a particular material/metal/stone you prefer to work with and why?
I love working in most metals, but I love the strength and pliability of brass! Stones on the other hand, I have my favorites are a girls best friend! Labradorite for its rainbow of colours and translucency & Chrysoprase for its depth of organic colours and feel.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery you’ve designed/created?
Again there are too many too chose from, but I adore the Serpentine bib that we made (picured left). It’s made from one piece of wire, and it is a traditional African technique of swirls....and more recently the rough diamond collection of rings set in gold.

What are your top tips for people who are keen to get into the jewellery business?
If you have ambition and an idea, go for it! Don’t let any one tell you that you can’t do something. As any business, it is tough, but it is important to understand the creative side of the business, and just as importantly the business side to it too! You’ll make mistakes , but that is just part of the process .... And keep an open mind and learn something new everyday!

 I wholeheartedly recommend going along to Sam's shop if you can. She regularly holds amazing sales there and I tend to bulk buy (when I'm not on a ban!!) and then give out her pieces as presents as they really have 'soul'. That may sound odd but I'm going to have almost a week of wearing my other Sam Ubhi pieces (in addition to these earrings, and these earrings and this necklace!) so you can see what I mean! The best way I can describe it is that its as if they have lived a life and have stories to tell, combined with the fact you know its taken time and skill to create such masterpieces.

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