Day 200 - 'Sing as if no-one can hear you' bracelet

This bracelet from Sam is inscribed: 'sing as if no-one can hear you' and it has special meaning to me as I have issues with singing. I was in our school production of Oliver and had to sing a solo which basically ruined my throat. I had to pull out of the show for a few days and my friend had to stand in for me but I ended up doing at least one performance, the one they filmed. When we watched the film back you could barely hear me and its given me a total complex about singing ever since. I can hold a tune (kind of!) but I have a very quiet voice and my range is quite low and deep so I can't hit the high notes; I am wary of singing in front of people. One thing a friend once said to me is that if I was ok singing with my husband (he was my boyfriend at the time!) then he was a keeper. And its true, he's one of the only people I will sing solo in front of. So basically, this bracelet reminds me that its ok and that I should have the confidence to sing in front of others.

Oddly I have no issues with rapping - I rapped Ice Ice Baby (word perfect may I add) on both my hen do and on my wedding in front of all of our guests. Word to ya mutha.

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