Day 268 - 274 Summary and Shop of the Week

I promised you rings!!! These are a collection of rings I've amassed over the last 13 or so years, they are all silver and range from cheap ones from teh high street to my own grandmothers wedding ring (which fits my ring finger, so that's where I get my stumpy little fingers from then!!)
And my Shop of the Week this week is the lovely Something that I mentioned a few weeks ago. And I may have just totally fallen in love with the Pug necklace!!
Top to bottom, left to right: Silver and crystal ring from boutique in Bournemouth, silver solitaire (not sure where it's from), wibbly wobbly ring from antique shop in Godalming, circles ring from market in Sutton, simple two stone ring from Oasis, blingy solitaire (not sure where from!) and Chunky crystal ring from Evans.

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