Day 263-267 - Summary and Shop of the Week

I've been busy sorting out my silver rings so I think its safe to say that they're going to see me through to October!! For the rest of this week I've been rocking a few longer necklaces in anticipation for my ring-session. So from top to bottom and left to right, I've been wearing: Wallis blue and brown mixed stone long necklace, Oasis clear crystal long necklace, short blue shell necklace (not sure where it's from) and black and silver multi-strand necklace that was a present from a friend.
My Shop of the Week this week goes to the fabulous Heidi Seeker. Someone I'm following on Twitter mentioned them and I have fallen in love. I have been wondering if they'd do one of their name necklaces for me saying 'Word2yamutha' on it (i'm slightly obsessed with Vanilla Ice) and what with the whole baby thing happening it seems like a good idea. That could be the hormones though!! I love their stuff and can't wait for the day I can spend money on jewellery again...

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