Day 162 - Compass necklace

I got this as the husband often refers to me as his compass so I thought it would be a randomly cute thing to get and then wear for him...but he really didn't like it! He's away this week though so I am rocking it anyway! I think its from Rock n Rose but I can't be 100% sure. I admit it is a completely odd necklace but I kinda love it and I can't help but think the compass could come in handy if I were to get lost. Or need to find magnetic north. Or something.
Oh, by the way, its London Jewellery Week this week...If you are in London and interested in checking it out you can find out more at I was hoping to go along to a few events but I am not able to make them. There are some fab tasters and workshops - I'm especially gutted to miss out on the Tatty Devine dinosaur session!

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