Day 156 - Belgian blue bracelet

As you can guess by the title of this post I got this bracelet in Belgium. I like picking up pieces when you're away on holiday so you can remember holidays - I'll always treasure the ring I bought on honeymoon. I also have earrings to match this bracelet - I may wear them soon.

I won the trip to Belgium in a charity raffle although it wasn't the trip I won, just 2 nights accomodation in a lovely B&B - it did mean I had to pay to get there and back but it wasn't too much on the Eurostar and was a really nice random trip!

I don't think I would have thought 'oh I must go to Belgium' but actually its a really lovely place and we had a fab time. I went with my friend who is getting married next month - can't wait, I do love a good wedding!

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