Day 94 - Handmade glass bead bracelet (and an open letter to Samantha Brick!)

This is another of my own creations. It's just a simple glass bead bracelet, I really like the smooth texture of the glass beads, it makes it really tactile, and I'm wearing it with a blue dress so it really picks out the aqua tones. This post is quite short as I wanted to use the rest of the space to send an open letter to Samantha Brick, the woman who has been causing a storm over the internets for the last couple of days!

My accessorising principles can pretty much be summed up as follows: you might not be able to polish a turd but by god you can roll it in glitter. I'm not saying I'm a total munter, sometimes I can scrub up pretty well, sometimes I look as rough as hell and the rest of the time I'd say I safely cosy up in the average corner. Where am I going with this you ask? Well I didn't comment on this yesterday but she's at it again today and I can't hold back any longer...

Oh Samantha Brick.

You really don't understand the backlash do you? Granted a lot of the comments have been downright cruel & hurtful and I'm sure they upset you but without wanting to be mean here myself-you admit you knew you were setting yourself up for a fall.

The issue which you just don't seem to get is that you claim to be beautiful. However whilst you may be attractive to some people (as is clearly evidenced by your experiences), what you fail to grasp is that beauty isn't about being attractive. It's about being humble, being funny, being modest, being caring, being kind, being considerate, being self aware, being a package of wonderful things-physical attractiveness is just one small part. The reason women don't seem to like you that much is because you don't really seem to possess any of these other characteristics.

In today's piece you mention how upset you were that friends you'd supported financially were mocking you on facebook. Why do you feel the need to point out that you'd supported them with money, are you implying that they in particular 'owe you one', or that you were shocked that your financial support hadn't bought their emotional support? Here's the thing love, being a friend means you just do things for each other, selfless things. It's not about who owes who what!

You also bemoan the fact you've never been asked to be a bridesmaid and that it must be because your friends are jealous of your beauty. Whilst I don't know these 'friends' of yours I do know that when I got married last year I had bridesmaids who were thinner than me and who were prettier than me. I asked them to be my bridesmaid because they are friends, they are family and I love them. I don't care what they look like. It's my bloody wedding and guests are there to see me & my husband get married-it wouldn't have mattered if Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt & the cast of Mad Men had shown up-it was our day and the people in our lives were there for that and nothing else. So I don't pity your beauty my dear, I pity the fact you don't have these kinds of people, these amazing kinds of friends in your life. Maybe you could do more to find these people and enjoy the wonder, the beauty, that these relationships bring. That is if you can get over yourself in the first place as funnily enough I don't think people will be queuing round the block to be friends with you if you continue to display your current attitudes.

We're lucky, us women, in the western world to be on a reasonably level playing field. But we've been oppressed and have had to fight to where we are today. We know there's still some way to go which is why, when given a voice, an opportunity to be heard across the globe, it's a shame that you chose to put across the argument that you did. I'm sure the oppressed women across the world will thank you for it. We women have a chance to unite and show the world how awesome we are-how we can be intelligent, funny, attractive, modest, humble, brilliant and considerate. How we can be all these things. How we can be truly beautiful.

So no Samantha, women don't hate you because you are a beautiful person. They hate you precisely because you are not. 


  1. Although your comment about rolling turds in glitter made me lol, I had to point out that you're decidedly beautiful. Don't get Dan to duff me up.

    1. Ah thanks matey! But just to make it clear I didn't write this post to get people to say that. I just can't get over the gall of this woman. Oh and don't get me started on her husband...!