The Sunday Summary

It's been a busy old day today - we went back to our wedding venue to take part in their Spring Wedding Fair which was great fun, but tiring! We got to spend time with the people who helped us to put our wedding together as well as see our lovely cake maker and photographer again! It has meant that I've not had a chance to plan a tutorial so we're back to Shop of the Week...

In case you hadn't guessed already, my shop of the week this week is definitely The Silvery. I'm in love with pretty much everything they sell, but especially their shell necklaces and charm bracelets. I especially love them as they do just have the best customer service imaginable. I am known as a bit of a complainer and I will stand up for my customer rights if I think I'm getting a bad deal (seriously, I reckon I must be blacklisted from a  few places!), but when I get good customer service I will shout it from the rooftops. I personally think being nice and helpful should be what we all do on a regular basis but I do appreciate that some people don't give a monkeys. Good customer service really shouldn't be rocket science but it does amaze me how many people are bad at it. The Silvery are the exact opposite. I had to get a present for a colleague after the original gift idea fell through literally at the last minute. Jules and the team at The Silvery not only helped us find the perfect present they also got it sent out to us immediately so they saved the day - and my colleague loved it! If you're looking for something, maybe a Mothers Day present, then definitely check them out - you won't be disappointed!

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