Welcome to my shiny new blog! Every day in 2012 I will be wearing a different piece of jewellery and this blog will be charting that journey. The blog came about after my husband pointed out, fairly accurately, that I have enough jewellery at my disposal to be able to wear a different  item every single day...and a challenge was born! There will only be three items that I wear every day - my engagement ring, my wedding ring and my watch.

I have a huge amount of costume jewellery at my disposal and I also make jewellery as well so the rules are that I won't buy any more jewellery, nor will I buy any more jewellery making supplies...but if needs be I can make something with what I already have: I like to think of it as up-cycling and recycling, but no retailing.

I hope you enjoy the blog, feel free to get in touch with any feedback, comments or questions.

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